Map and local attractions

Ararat hotel is located in the Yeka Subcity, Lamberet area in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is surrounded by four Ethiopian Orthodox churches that are historically significant to the city of Addis Ababa. Near by attractions are The National Museum of Ethiopia, Africa Hall and ECA Conference Center, Yeka Park, and the Ydnekachew Tesema Stadium. Also near by are several Embassies.

Local Attractions

  • Yeka Park (3.5 km/2.17 miles)
  • National Museum of Ethiopia (6.8 km/4.2 miles)
  • Meskel Square (7.1 km/4.4 miles)
  • Ydnekachew Tesema Stadium (7.7 km/4.8 miles)


  • Saint George's Cathedral (9.0 km/5.5 miles)
  • Washa Mikael Rock Hewn Church (4.9 km/3.0 miles)
  • Cistercian Monastery of St. Joseph  (4.2 km/2.6 miles)
  • Medhane Alem Cathedral (6.6 km/4.1 miles)

Government Offices

  • Israel Embassy (1.7 km/1.05 miles)
  • Cuban Embassy (3.8 km/2.3 miles)
  • German Embassy (3.8 km/2.3 miles)
  • Belgium Embassy (5.2 km/3.2 miles)
  • Africa Hall and ECA Conference Center (7.5 km/4.6 miles)